Innovative solutions to industry and business problems
European Study Groups with Industry (ESGI) are an opportunity for industry and other organisations to present business problems to leading mathematicians for in-depth analysis with the aim of identifying practical and commercially viable solutions.

For 50 years across ESGIs have successfully brought together businesses and academic experts from many branches of mathematics, statistics, engineering and scientific computing.

They focus on achieving practical and commercially viable solutions to business problems of a mathematical/statistical nature. Study groups have led to important breakthroughs and long-lasting collaborations between industry and universities.



A week dedicated to solving your business problem:


Representatives from industry present their problem on the first day of the study group.


A dedicated team of academic experts from areas such as mathematics, statistics, engineering and scientific computing collaborate with business representatives to find practical and commercially viable solutions to the problem.


The study group will culminate with the team’s presentation of their work to solve the problem. This will be followed up shortly afterwards by a written project report.

An academic lead will be appointed to oversee each business problem and coordinate the presentation of the final academic report in close consultation with the industry representative(s).

This simple format has proved its value again and again: companies from diverse industries have benefited from the insights gained through mathematical analysis of their problems, while mathematicians and other scientists have benefited from the exciting research opportunities presented by unsolved problems with practical significance.


“The Industrial Mathematics Study Group was a rare opportunity for us to engage with the best and brightest in the UK and beyond.


It’s very difficult and expensive to assemble the concentration of talent and experience required to take advanced mathematical projects to the next level. Study Groups provide a lifeline for forward-thinking businesses which need to make the most of their resources.”
Eleanor Watson, CEO, Poikos