For companies

If you have a problem of a mathematical/statistical nature which you think would be appropriate for the 2018 European Study Group with Industry to work on then please contact the Institute for Mathematical Innovation on or +44 (0)1225 385 185 for an informal conversation.

If your problem is accepted, we will work with you to put together a formal problem description which will be distributed to all participants ahead of the study group. We will also help you formulate your problem within a mathematical framework. The description is usually one or two sides of A4, but can be longer if required.

On the first day of the workshop, the problem presenter will give a presentation on their problem, usually lasting around 30 minutes, including time for questions from the audience. 


A crucial aspect of the Study Groups is the interaction between the mathematical modellers and the problem presenters.

As the team of academic experts begin to analyse a given problem in depth, they are likely to have questions to ask the presenters.

We therefore warmly invite company representatives to take part in the full week-long programme to work alongside the academic participants.

The cost of bringing a problem to the study group is £8,500 plus VAT per problem. This covers organisation and running costs including support with the initial problem preparation, and delivery of the final project report. Please contact Professor Chris Budd for more information.

In return for this payment, the company will receive a full written report on the work carried out during the Study Group, and will benefit from the direct interaction with the academic participants during the meeting. After the meeting, further collaborations or consultancy can be considered as appropriate.
It is important to note that the initial work at the study group is not subject to any confidentiality agreement, and that the problem descriptions and reports will be published on the internet. Any subsequent work following the meeting can be carried out under any terms agreed by the parties involved.

Previous examples of Study Group problems and reports can be found at the Maths in Industry website.

Read quotes from previous problem presenters on the testimonials page.


For academics

Study groups provide a unique opportunity for academics from a wide range of disciplines to work with industry to come up with new ideas and potential solutions for real problems.

Academic participants with backgrounds in all strands of mathematics, engineering and scientific computing are welcome and encouraged. The ESGI138 problems, which we expect to be amenable to a wide range of different mathematical techniques, will be published on the Study Group Problems webpage a few months before the workshop.

The 2018 Study Group with Industry will be held at the University of Bath. Further details on how to register and accommodation options will be made available shortly.

All participants are responsible for organising their own travel to and from Bath.

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If you would like to receive further information and be notified when registration opens, please email

Photo credits: Thorkild Christensen and Annette Anderson