Many different types of problem have been studied at ESGIs over the years. Here are some quotes from the people who have presented problems.

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“The Industrial Mathematics Study Group was a rare opportunity for us to engage with the best and brightest in the UK and beyond.  It’s very difficult and expensive to assemble the concentration of talent and experience required to take advanced mathematical projects to the next level.  Study Groups provide a lifeline for forward-thinking businesses which need to make the most of their resources.”

Eleanor Watson, CEO, Poikos


“Participation in the Study Group supported by the Knowledge Transfer Network has allowed us to rigorously assess our software and through access to expert knowledge has given us options and confidence that would have previously been unavailable to us.”

Matt Celluszak, CEO, CrowdEmotion


“The Study Group has helped National Grid to understand the physical interactions that govern the amount of heating required to prevent gasholders from freezing in cold weather.  The Study Group gave National Grid a low cost opportunity to investigate possible ways of deploying new technology to achieve significant savings.”

Bridget Hartley, Investment Manager, National Grid


“Critically the Study Group also offered an opportunity to familiarise both mathematicians and biologists with the different approaches and ways of working of their respective disciplines in a relaxed but highly productive manner.”

Brendan O’Malley, Unilever


“The Study Group was an excellent experience. … In bringing a product to market there are many financial and technical issues, often at odds with each other.  The accelerated insight into a problem from world renowned experts in mathematics at the Study Group has helped us clarify the technical issues at a modest price. This will bring about a confident funding of further development, by having clear development outlines, based on sound mathematics at the core of the product.”

Nick Bushell, VR Technology


“Bringing together mathematicians with diverse skills provided Aralia with excellent solutions to fundamental problems that had remained unsolved for many years.”

Glynn Wright, CEO, Aralia


“My experience of the Study Group was wholly positive.  It was delightful on the first day to witness the relish with which the problems were received, and the way in which mathematicians with diverse specialities and experience questioned their way into the heart of each problem from their own perspectives.  It is hard to envisage how the format could be improved.  The energy generated by group problem solving, fostered by the ‘reality’ of the problems and the friendly competitiveness of the individuals and teams, must surely make the Study Group the most cost-effective way imaginable of attacking a mathematical problem.”

Dr Colin Sillence, Executive Scientist, BAE Systems


“The Study Group provided us with two main outcomes. The immediate outcome was the discovery of the network of people, who were interested in the topic area and were looking to take the study forward.  As a result, we set up a 3-year research associateship at the University of Bristol, to extend the study. The by-product is that our relationships, between the University of Bristol and Airbus, are further strengthened.”

Sanjiv Sharma, Systems Engineer, Airbus UK


“The Study Group investigation into the Business Rates Retention Scheme was a great demonstration of open policy making: bringing the power of mathematical analysis to an important but often overlooked policy.  I was very impressed by the speed and rigour of the analysis; there is clear potential to extend this approach to other areas of Government.”

Richard Harries, Deputy Director, Analysis & Innovation, DCLG